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  Erschließung des Maiko-Parks

What is the problem?
Forest dwellers
Population growth and economy
Commercial logging 1: tropical timber
Commercial logging 2: the role of logging companies
Commercial hunting
Laws and their implementation
Political instability


  Getötete Gorillas

Animals affected: an overview
African great apes
Chimpanzees 1
Chimpanzees 2
Bonobos 1
Bonobos 2
Western gorillas
Eastern lowland gorillas
Mountain gorillas
Disease transmission through bushmeat?
Ethical issues


  Nationalpark-Schild wird angebracht

Solutions: an overview
Code of conduct for timber companies
Sense and nonsense of external funds: example Dja Wildlife Reserve
What can zoos do?

Collaborators of this exhibition


IFAW page with bushmeat video


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